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The LPG Cellulite treatment for smoothing out Cellulite.

Only this month 10 euros discount on your first cellulite treatment and if you book a treatment you will receive:

  • 10 treatments + 1 free
  • 15 treatments + 2 free
  • 20 treatments + 3 free

Cellulite! 90% of all women will suffer from it sooner or later. Fortunately, with the LPG Cellulite treatment, we can significantly reduce cellulite by smoothing it from the inside out.

With the LPG cellulite treatment from Beauty Unlimited Amsterdam you get more beautiful legs and buttocks with fewer visible pits. In most cases you will see changes in the skin structure after approximately 6 to 10 treatments. Approximately 15 to 20 treatments are necessary for a good result. depending on the skin condition and how the body disposes of the released substances. 

With the renewed LPG we can too simultaneously tighten, firm, contour and remove fat cells.  Many salons still work with the old version where this is not possible. 

Is this your 1st cellulite treatment with us? Then always book the cellulite introduction appointment below, including intake, cellulite treatment and bodysuit!

Take on Cellulite!

Take advantage of our introductory treatment. Prior to the treatment you will receive an intake where your wishes are discussed, followed by the cellulite treatment with the LPG Endermologie device. In addition, you will receive tailor-made advice with a guideline regarding treatment duration and associated costs.

Cellulite treatment plan

On average, approximately 15 to 20 cellulite treatments are needed to get a good result. It is best to undergo this treatment twice a week. During the entire duration of your cellulite treatments it is recommended to drink enough water, at least 2 liters per day and preferably to start exercising within 2 hours after the treatment.

Cellulite treatment

Treating Cellulite

Fortunately, with the latest technological developments, cellulite can be treated well. With the Cellulite treatment, the blemishes are smoothed out by means of a connective tissue technique (lipo massage), resulting in a more beautiful and smoother skin with less cellulite.

Results Cellulite treatment

After the treatment, the process of removing the fat cells and waste begins. These are naturally eliminated by the body. LPG Endermologie represents 30 years of experience, research and science in the field of body treatments.

Benefits of cellulite treatment with LPG Endermologie

  • Improving circulation followed by the elimination of the toxins (waste products)
  • Smoothing out local cellulite
  • Less fat on the treated areas
  • Firming and strengthening of the skin
  • body remodeling (body shaping and contour improvement)
Cellulite treatment amsterdam before and after
LPG cellulite treatment amsterdam

Prices LPG Cellulite cure

If you book a cure immediately after the introduction, you will receive the bodysuit worth 25,- 

15 treatments 30 minutes + 2 free 
15 treatments 40 minutes + 2 free 
20 treatments 30 minutes + 3 free 
20 treatments 40 minutes + 3 free

Price separate Cellulite LPG treatment

Price does not include bodysuit

30 minutes 75,-
40 minutes 85,-

Prices Cellulite maintenance annual package

Price cellulite maintenance does not include a bodysuit and is ideal if you have done a cure before and you want to keep track of the results.

  • 10 treatments 30 minutes + 1 free
  • 10 treatments 40 minutes + 1 free

The condition cellulite refers to dimpling of the skin on the hips, thighs, and buttocks. This appearance is much more common in women than in men because the way fat, muscle and connective tissue are distributed differently. Cellulite is therefore most common in women. About 80 to 90% of women suffer from cellulite.

There are fat cells directly under the skin. These fat cells store all the fat they can absorb from the blood. As a result, they increase in size. In women, especially the buttocks and hips are where the fat is easily stored.

The fat cells lie together in clumps surrounded by the connective tissue. When the fat cells increase in size, these clumps expand, while other parts of the skin cannot expand due to the presence of the connective tissue. The increase in fat cells in the subcutaneous connective tissue causes a narrowing of the blood vessels. Due to poor blood circulation and a disturbed fluid drainage, fat, waste products and fluids are increasingly difficult to remove. This hardens the connective tissue and creates a bumpy skin that also shows pits, the so-called orange peel or cellulite.

Cellulite is otherwise completely separate from the condition known as cellulite. This is an inflammation of the skin caused by bacterial infections in the subcutaneous tissue.

Cellulite is in many cases a hereditary condition. In addition, hormones, incorrect diet, obesity and too little exercise are causes. With age, the elasticity of the skin decreases, which also plays a role in the development of cellulite. Fat cells that expand in combination with waste products in the body is the main explanation for the development of cellulite. This can also happen without being overweight, for example because of weakened or hardened connective tissue. Possible factors for the development of cellulite are also hormonal changes, for example during puberty, pregnancy or menopause.

There are many things you can do yourself to combat cellulite.

  1. Cellulite LPG treatment to reduce cellulite
  2. Detox rids the body of waste products so that they cannot accumulate on the buttocks or legs
  3. Regularly sports is of course important for optimal health. Exercise is good for blood circulation and the reduction of fat percentage. By special exercises aimed at the legs and buttocks, you can slightly reduce or delay cellulite. Running is also very good for your legs and buttocks and therefore against cellulite.
  4. In addition to sports, there is also nutrition very important in the fight against cellulite and good nutrition should not be missing in your lifestyle. Food is the fuel for your body. Bad fuel won't do a car any good either. That is why it is important to get healthy food. Fat, too much salt, too little vitamins and fiber can lead to more cellulite - Always drink at least two liters of water a day
    – Avoid fast carbohydrates and processed foods
    – No white pasta, white bread or white rice!
    – Eat enough protein (good fuel, also before training!!)
    – Avoid excessive alcohol consumption
  5. Medications that disrupt the hormone balance are also often seen as a culprit! The contraceptive pill and heavy antidepressants have a major influence on the hormone balance and thus increase the risk of cellulite
  1. The most common places where cellulite occurs are the thighs, legs and buttocks. This is because these areas are sensitive to fat deposits. In addition, cellulite also occurs in other places:
  2. Abdomen: Cellulite on the abdomen mainly occurs in the lower part of the abdomen. This is often linked to digestive disorders. It turns out that many women with cellulite on the abdomen have irritable bowel, constipation or liver disease.
  3. Neck: Cellulite on the neck is usually seen caused by constant stress. Prolonged stress develops as tension in the neck muscles. This can lead to complaints in the vertebrae and inflamed tissue. These inflammations can cause fluid retention which in turn can lead to cellulite formation I would take neck out
  4. Upper Arm: Cellulite in the upper arm is common in older women and is generally associated with cellulite on the leg. This can be caused by impaired venous (vein) systems in the arm. This system ensures good blood circulation.
  5. Front of the thigh: Cellulite on the front of the thighs is often made up of harder pieces of fat. This is caused by too little movement of the legs, in combination with reduced circulation and increased fluid drainage. This form of cellulite occurs in both men and women.

The treatment starts with an intake in which you are asked about your wishes and expectations. We also check whether there are any contraindications. In one treatment you can choose 1 zone of 30 minutes or 2 zones with a total of 40 minutes of treatment time

The LPG treatment against cellulite is suitable for both men and women who want to have cellulite treated on the body

Cellulite is different from Cellulite. Cellulite is a medical condition. Cellulitis are bacterial infections under the skin. In addition to lumpy skin, the inflammation can also make your skin red. That's not all, because your skin will feel warm and your lymph nodes will swell. In short: you not only suffer from orange peel, but you also experience many complaints.

If this bothers you, consult a doctor.

Cellulite Treatment-LPG Endermolgie

Appointment Cellulite treatment in Amsterdam South

Make an appointment quickly at Beauty Unlimited Amsterdam and temporarily take advantage of our introductory offer on the LPG Endermologie treatment. Only at Beauty Unlimited in Amsterdam south. Due to our favorable location and always a parking space in front of the door, we are easily accessible for customers from Amstelveen and customers from Amsterdam West and East.

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